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Before I dive deep into the topic of algae biofuels, I would like to start out with talking a little about my incentives on writing about renewable energy.  It all began when I decided to take the environmental science class offered at my high school.  It’s incredible how easy it was to avoid information on destruction of the environment before taking this class.  Sure, in this day and age most of us know recycling and hybrids are “good,” and fossil fuels and chopping down trees are “bad.”  Even with the near consensus on certain environmental issues, it’s still so easy to avoid knowing the details.  On the other side of it all, once you’ve learned about these issues, it’s very difficult to unlearn them.  So, with my first environmental science exposure, I was changed.

I am currently a Junior at the University of Colorado, studying Chemical and Biological Engineering.  When I earn my bachelors of science, I intend to use my knowledge in the area of biofuels, helping to create a more sustainable and cleaner energy run society.

As I critique algae biofuels in a realistic way, I hope to, at least, convey that something needs to change in our consumption of fossil fuels.  With my exposure to environmental protection, I have enjoyed spreading my knowledge to those around me.  My most reoccurring victim?  My boyfriend.  He is currently studying Chemical Engineering here at CU and plans to work as a petroleum engineer.  While he works to convince me that biofuels aren’t  a realistic alternative and that there are plenty of oil reserves to last us hundreds of years, I work to convince him otherwise.

Click here to check out a list of my credentials on my LinkedIn site!


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