Coming Together

There is inevitably a great amount of work that must be done in order for algal biofuels to become a marketable and sustainable alternative to petroleum based fuels.  There are many different factors that influence the production of fuel from algae.  While this diversity allows for room to alter steps in the process, it is also contributing to a lack of unity throughout the research.  The ideal factors for algae growth have not yet been determined, or are not necessarily agreed upon between researchers.  For this reason, the numerous discoveries on biofuels may not always work with one another.  While each discovery has essentially found a piece to the puzzle, there is not a single puzzle, but instead many puzzles.  Each researcher has contributed to his or her own solution, but all of these solutions do not usually harmonize with each other.

In moving forward to optimize biofuel production from algae, it is vital that researchers begin to work together.  Each discovery should be based off of prior and recent research in order to find a final, single solution in implementing algae biofuels.  For example, if it is determined that the best way to cultivate algae for large-scale production of fuel is utilizing wastewater, then studies on the conversion of algae biomass to biofuels should be conducted primarily using wastewater grown algal strains.  It is imperative that algal fuels advance quickly if they are to be a solution to the every increasing energy crisis.  In doing so, we must build off of what prior scientists have done, only taking steps forward, and avoiding moving backward.  As Stephen Hawking suggests, scientists are “standing on the shoulders of giants.”


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